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Education & Lectures

SGC believes that educating our clients is just as important as educating ourselves.

SGC supports quality manufacturers who believe in education for Contractors, in order to understand proper handling and installation, to achieve long term positive results!

SGC hosts expandable classroom settings and multiple spaces for hands-on training and real life field examples.

Private OSHA classes

SGC has partnered with an Accredited OSHA Training Institute Provider, in order to host all level OSHA courses, as well as ensure our Consultants are a benefit to our clients as it pertains to OSHA regulations and responsbilities.

Contact us for more information, or if you are interested in having a private class for your organization.

Key Note Presentations

An Article written in the Glass Magazine, 2008, notes the following: "Joseph Solinski, president of Stone & Glazing Consulting, Lewisville, Texas, spoke about Structural Glazing Survey and Repair. He discussed Fountain Place in Dallas that has 500,000 square feet of curtain wall. It was completed in 1986, and his company was called in 1993 after 160 leaks during rain, structural sealant concerns and a history of loose glass under high wind. Inspection, testing and repairs took five years to complete. A suction-cup pull test, administered six times on 26,000 windows, removed 16 windows. Solinski’s pointers for success include applications that suit conditions, proper design, peer review, installer education, quality control both internal and external, industry and trade organizations, and ASTM articles and papers."

Considering Joe founded SGC over 27 years ago, there have been countless presentations, key notes, articles and educational programs that Joe has both hosted and participated in. He is a wealth of knowledge and encourages his team to utilize the resources at hand to understand the past, present and future of the building envelope venture.

Exterior Wall Access Equipment Standards & Regulations

SGC offers this training to our Clients at no cost

The objective is to understand the laws on Testing & Review of Exterior Wall Access equipment ie Roof Anchors, Davits, Davit Arms, and Building Maintenance Units (BMU) used by window washers, glass contractors, and waterproofing contractors.

We review:

-Applicable Codes & Standards - Basic Requirements

-Descriptions of Roof Top Anchors & Components

-Requirements for Safety & Use

-IWCA Clarifications

-OSHA Compliance Testing & Review Methods

-Reality: Issues & Problems as Witnessed in the Field