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Consulting Services/Maintenance Evaluation

On-site Testing and Investigation
Forensic Investigation
Maintenance Evaluation

Roofing Evaluation

Disaster Evaluation
Exterior Maintenance Equipment Assessment

STONE & GLAZING CONSULTING provides technical support in the Design, Testing, and Evaluation of Exterior Wall and Roofing Systems. Failure Analysis and identification, and isolation of Failure Mechanisms is our expertise.

We can especially benefit your company by offering the following:



In-field Testing & Investigation are offered on buildings with Air & Water Infiltration, Stone Breakage, Glass Breakage, or other system deficiencies. Observations are performed in accordance with the following criteria:

  • American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)


Failure Mechanism identification of exterior wall and roof systems or component failures involving stone veneer, glass, aluminum panels, concrete panels, brick veneer, sealants, roofing membranes, metal roofs, overlays, ballast roofs and permanently installed power platform staging components. 


After a hurricane, tornado, fire, or earthquake, any exterior can suffer damage.
The facade will be reviewed for immediate safety concerns. An analytical
method of reviewing and documenting the exterior wall will be used in order
to provide the necessary information to the building owner and insurance company
for repairs.


A Building Exterior, or curtain wall can be evaluated for maintenance issues that could subject the
owner to significant costs involving water penetration causing wall component failure.

By using a power platform stage the exterior is reviewed for defects undetectable from the ground
level. A pictorial report is provided outlining any problems or deficiencies found. The extent of the
report will enable a building owner to properly budget needed repairs over a (10) year period.


An independent inspection and analysis can eliminate costly ineffective
fixes by contractors that may have good intentions, but may lack the
technical resources to determine repair requirement. This restricts
an unqualified contractor from repeatedly returning to fix the same
problem, generating a costly expense. Bid Packages, Remedial Recommendations,
and On-Site Observations are provided to assure quality rework and installation by
the remediation contractor. 


Consulting is offered in the design, review, testing, and annual compliance of the permanent equipment
used for exterior building maintenance to determine compliance with the safety requirements as
outlined in the following regulations and codes:

  • ANSI A120.1: Safety Requirements for Powered Platforms for Building Maintenance

  • ANSI/IWCA I-14.1: Window Cleaning Safety Standard

  • OSHA Regulations Subpart "F" / 1910.66: Powered Platforms for Building Maintenance

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